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See & Spell by Melissa and Doug

This wooden puzzle helps children gain familiarity with letters of the alphabet and develop a sight reading vocabulary. 

Each set includes more than 60 wooden letters that fit into the eight two sided cutout boards to spell three and four letter words. All this then fits nicely in a wooden storage box.

As children work on pre-reading skills, it can feel overwhelming to consider all there is to learn: letter forms, definitions, storytelling, spacing, alignment . . . the list goes on! This set simplifies the process by letting kids focus on the simple act of building a word: Kids identify a picture, then construct the word that goes with it by placing the letter pieces in the guides. The directed, goal-oriented play helps children celebrate each "win" as they gain mastery, learning important sight words and improving fine motor skills all the while.



Product Specifications

Age 4 - 6 Years
Material Wooden

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